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How To Choose The Right Station For Your Business

You have chosen to add radio advertising to your marketing mix, you know which products to promote and an idea of creative, however have you considered the right station and frequency for your business?

It is important to consider audience demographics as well as how many times your ad is featured in the context of your marketing budget. Throughout this article we discuss some tips on choosing the best radio station and frequency for your advertising.

Choosing the right radio station:

Consider your target persona, do your customers listen to a certain type of music? What are their hobbies? Where do they spend spare time? A deep understanding of your target audiences’ demographics, as well as habits, needs and likes is essential to selecting the radio station that is most likely to reach your target market.

Factors to consider:

– Audience demographics

– Audience loyalty

– Audience engagement

– Station involvement in community

– Station engagement outside or radio, for example, social media, events, and website

Deciding Ad Frequency:

Frequency is the average number of times a person will hear your radio ad, whilst reach is the number of different people who will hear the ad. With a limited a budget, higher reach means lower frequency whereas higher frequency means limited reach.

Research suggests that messages are more effective when repeated, however this can get expensive. A frequency of reaching a person three times a week will give a lasting impression on a listener. Backed up with strong creative and not spreading a budget too thinly (focussing on reaching more people) will give the best impact for your advertisement.

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