What are the benefits of using radio advertising for recruitment?

When using radio to recruit, you are not just reaching those out of work, you are reaching everyone. Although a listener may not be looking for a job, a well-placed advert could pique the interest of someone who may want to switch careers.

Throughout this blog, we explore the benefits of using radio advertising for recruitment.

Radio uses targeted advertising to help reach potential recruits

Recent research around the targeting capabilities of different media put radio at the top of the list as the most flexible medium due to its ability to target audiences in a whole host of ways. This includes:


UK radio has a wide range of stations with a whole variety of content and playlists attracting different types of audiences. Businesses can analyse which stations are best for reaching their specific audience through RAJAR data and listening to a variety of different stations.


A huge factor for many advertisers is choosing a station that focuses on a specific location. With a range of national, regional, and local stations covering the majority of the UK, radio is highly flexible geographically – providing opportunities for recruiters to precisely target desired locations correctly.

Time of day/week

Radio plays out in real time, making it mostly a live and linear medium. This allows recruiters to time their advertising to reach potential employees at specific times of the day/week to enhance the relevance and efficiency of certain messaging.

Consumer context

Recent research shows that if you put an advert in-front of the right people at the right time, you will boost the effectiveness of a campaign.

Radio is available on a whole host of devices. The medium does not need primary attention and listeners can use radio to go with a range of tasks across the day. From travelling to the supermarket to working at home, advertisers can target audiences in a very specific context.

Radio advertising will help you reach a wide audience of employed people

9.8 million employed Brits are actively job hunting every day. Many will be looking at the likes of Linkedin or online job boards, however, why not think outside the box and target a mass commercial audience?

With commercial radio reaching 89% of the UK population and many listening to the radio whilst commuting to and from work, listeners will often be thinking about their job (or whether they hate it!). What better time to change the mind of a prospective employee than by reaching them as they commute from a hard day’s work at a job they dislike?

By creating a targeted and clear campaign you can choose the perfect audience for your ad. Take Communicorp UK for example, they have the likes of XS Manchester targeting a demographic of 35 – 64 year olds who could fancy a change in job, but also have stations such as Capital who target 15-34 year olds, covering college, university or even graduate recruitment.

Ads on the radio will help separate your business from competitors

When you think of job a job search, you think of websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed.com etc. So why would you advertise a role where all your competitors are fighting for the same prospective employee?

Commercial radio reaches over 36 million adult listeners every week. With access to so many people, you have the perfect opportunity to speak to a potentially brand new, undiscovered audience without fighting for the spotlight.

By placing advertising on a medium that reaches 90% of the UK population. Your business could unlock 1000s of potential new recruits, as well an employed demographic that may even be persuaded to change careers.

Radio advertising is cost effective with a quick turnaround

A whole wealth of industry research demonstrated the effectiveness of radio across whole range of metrics when sat in a wider media campaign. These include:

Return on investment

Radio produces £7.70 ROI for every pound spent, this is second only to TV overall, and higher in a number of product categories such as retail, finance, travel and automotive.

Brand fame

Listeners are 48% more aware of companies that have been advertised on the radio and 12% more likely to consider them when making a choice.

Building relevance and trust

Generally, brands that are advertised on radio feel more relevant and are much more trusted by radio listeners. Recent research has revealed that radio is two times more trustworthy than social media.

Radio increases response online

A new study has highlighted how allocating just 10% of a media budget into radio boosts brand browsing by 52%. This one stat alone proves just how potent radio and online are as a media mix.

Combining radio advertising with digital can boost your recruitment campaign

Radiocentre recently highlighted that allocating just 10% of a media budget into radio boosts online browsing by up to 52%.

By running a radio advertising campaign alongside the likes of targeted social ads or a PPC campaign can boost your brand awareness. In turn, this will help you build recognition amongst a whole new audience.

Consumers often interact with one business across multiple touch points before they make a decision. The potential customer may see an ad on Facebook and then hear a correlating ad on XS Manchester that same day. By using multiple touch points customers instantly recognise and remember your brand name.

The ads work together to create an impression in the mind of the potential employee, so when they come round to making a decision, they go with the business they feel most familiar with. Not only will building brand awareness help boost recruitment but it can also encourage repeat visits to a website in the future.

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